Free appraisal of your home

Are you considering selling your home in Amsterdam or Amstelveen, but wondering how much your house or apartment is worth on the current housing market? We offer a free appraisal of your house or apartment without obligations, to give you an insight in the amount of money your home is currently worth. Simply make an appointment through our website and our experts will pay your home a visit to give you a clear indication of the worth of your home, house or apartment.

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Free taxation in Amsterdam or Amstelveen

Young couple after acquiring new home in Amsterdam

Since 2007, Amstel Property Agency has been one of the leaders on the local housing market in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and surrounding areas. We help our customers in buying and selling, as well as renting and managing properties. Thanks to our years of expertise, we have all the knowledge necessary to provide you with a realiable free appraisal of your house. We have a wide network of dependable connections on the Amsterdam and Amstelveen housing market, which means we are always up to speed on the latest developments. That’s why our employees are especially capable of providing you with an accurate appraisal of your apartment or house. We can also give you a clear insight into the process of selling your home.

How much is my home/house/apartment worth?

There is one question we get asked a lot as a professional on the housing market: how much is my home worth? It is good to know what you are up against, when deciding to sell your house or apartment. Our obligation free appraisal can give you a good insight into the worth of your property in Amsterdam and its surrounding areas. Together, we can then determine a realistic asking price and help you settle on a budget for any new properties you are buying.

A free appraisal of your home will always be done on site. Our experienced employees will come to you in order to inspect your house or apartment. When appraising a property, we look not only at the state of the home, but also at other factors such as property prices in close proximity. This way, we can provide you with a clear, reliable appraisal of your home.

After our obligation free appraisal of your house or apartment

Aside from answering any questions you may have in advance, like 'how much is my home worth?', Amstel Property Agency can also help you take the necessary next steps. We can assist you in the entire process of selling your house. Our experienced employees will help you in determining a realistic asking price, finding potential buyers and arranging viewings of your property. We can help prepare your property for sale and advise you in selling strategies and marketing tactics. Thanks to our extensive network, we always succeed in finding serious and reliable potential buyers. We can help you sell your property quickly and for the best price. Additionally, our employees know everything they need to know about any legal requirements for selling a property in the Netherlands. Successfully selling your house or apartment in Amsterdam, Amstelveen or surrounding areas starts with Amstel Property Agency’s free appraisal of your home.