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Finding the right rental house in Amsterdam can be tough. There are many requirements to meet and above all, speed is of the essence. On your own, it can be nearly impossible to navigate this fast-changing housing market. Amstel Property Agency can help you find the ideal rental listings in Amsterdam, Amstelveen or Buitenveldert. Registration is free, after which you gain access to our extensive network of brokers, landlords and housing organizations. Our employees are also happy to help you with any questions or doubts you may have regarding rental listings in Amsterdam. Contact us and find out how we can help you find rental listings in Amsterdam-centrum, Amsterdam Zuid, Buitenveldert or Amstelveen.

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Finding a rental house in Amsterdam

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When you register with Amstel Property Agency, you gain access to our portfolio of rental houses in Amsterdam. When you decide to rent one of these houses, the landlord pays us a commission, which means there will be no additional costs for you as a tenant. It is however also possible to give us the assignment to go on an active search for a rental house in Amsterdam-centrum, Amsterdam Zuid or Amstelveen for you. If our search is successful and you sign a rental agreement, we charge an agency fee of one month’s rent of €1.500 including VAT. We do however offer special rates and packages for companies.

Services for rental listings in Amsterdam-centrum, Amsterdam Zuid and Buitenveldert

Whether you are looking for a rental listing in Amsterdam-centrum, Amsterdam Zuid and Buitenveldert, which are highly sought-after neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, or would like to go with a rental house in Amstelveen, just a stone's throw away from the city centre, there are several types of service we can offer. When searching for a rental house in Amsterdam itself, we will draw up a search profile for you and match this with suitable properties. You can also leave the organizing of viewings in our capable hands. Afterwards, our employees will assess these viewings with you and provide you with advice on the local housing market, housing permits and local regulations.

Once you have decided on a rental house in Amsterdam or Amstelveen, our employees will assist you in the signing of the lease and the handover of the property. During the check-in, we will draw up an inspection report with photos. Amstel Property Agency will be your first point of contact for the duration of your lease, and we believe in a personal, hands-on approach. We will make arrangements for any necessary painting, repairs and fittings, as well as utilities such as electricity, gas, water, TV and internet before you move in. Together with you, we will find the perfect rental house in Amsterdam.